Frequently asked questions about KETL Mtn. Gear. We can help and we are real humans & no robots.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Where can I buy KETL Mountain Apparel?

You will be able to buy KETL Mountain Apparel from select local dealers or online from our national retail partners, more info can be found here on our WHERE TO BUY page.

What size am I?

Apparel sizing is already tricky enough but even more so when it comes to cycling. Standard chest, waist, and hip measurements just don’t cut it and fail to take into account factors like quad size. That’s why we put in some time creating a size guide that incorporates additional measurements and real-world examples to help you determine what will really fit. Find the fit guide from each product page, by clicking the ‘Fit & Sizing Info’ link.

What’s up with the name KETL?

You know that feeling you get when you take a line that leaves you grinning from ear to ear? A lot of people equate it to flying or a soaring feeling. When a group of birds wheel and circle in the air, riding a thermal updraft, that’s called a Kettle. When a group of friends soars through singletrack… we call that KETL.

How should I care for my items?

KETL mountain apparel is made with care from top-quality materials. It’s important to wash you clothes regularly to maintain their performance characteristics, so don’t be bashful about throwing them in the wash. All of our items have the same basic care instructions. They should be machine washed in cool water and laid flat to dry. You may use an iron at low temperature if desired, but maybe don’t tell anyone you iron your bike clothes.

I have a different question… how do I get in touch?

Shoot us an email! Contact details are here.