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September 29, 2017
Last modified: October 9, 2017

By Lindsay

Isn’t this how it always goes? “We’ve gotta go ride together this summer…” And then life gets in the way, conflicting schedules, work, weather… suddenly it’s mid-September and that ride still hasn’t happened. That’s exactly how it went with our friends at Angry Catfish, but as we watched summer wane, we decided to get while the getting was good, so we headed up to Duluth for a couple days of riding, camping and good times.

Joining me were Aaron (who unfortunately had to jet early due to a sick kid) Parker and Megan from Angry Catfish, and our favorite part-time model, full-time tech industry leader Leah, using a short burst of funemployment to the greatest advantage possible. The talented Marty Wood came along on photo duty. We had no big goals, no endpoint in mind, just a desire to have as much fun as possible. We camped for the night at Jay Cooke State Park, everyone’s favorite for fantastic stargazing, gorgeous surroundings, and proximity to trail systems. Featured above: Lindsay wears Women’s Overshirt, Parker wears Men’s Long Sleeve, Leah wears Trucker Cap.

Duluth has been absolutely blowing up the last few years with an explosion of trail building, fantastic camping options and terrain and scenery so good, it might be unfair to everywhere else. That said, our primary targets were two trail systems: Mission Creek and the Duluth Traverse, which offer a variety of terrain- meandering forest singletrack, big, buffed-out berms, creek crossings, rock gardens, and manmade features. Featured above: Lindsay, Megan and Leah wear Women’s Sleeveless Jerseys and Overshorts.

Minnesota weather tends toward the unpredictable, especially in early autumn. This time the unpredictability worked in our favor, with daytime highs around 80 degrees and plenty of sun. A mid-ride stop for beers and a swim were definitely on the menu. Featured Above: Lindsay wears Women’s Liner bibs, Parker wears Men’s Overshorts, Leah wears Women’s Liner Bibs and Overshorts.

This is the part where Minnesota has to say goodbye to Parker, as he heads out to new adventures in Colorado. We’ll miss his enthusiasm and riding style, but look forward to the addition of another friendly couch in another great riding destination. In closing:

1. The to-do list can always get to-done later. Go ride your bike.

2. Bring your friends.

3. If you have the chance, get yourself and your mountain bike to Duluth. Check out trail info at Coggs.

Featured Above: Parker wears Men’s Short Sleeve and Overshort, Megan and Leah wear Women’s Sleeveless and Overshort, Lindsay wears Women’s 3/4 Sleeve and Overshort, Rocks wear Women’s SleevelessOvershort, and Socks.

Dominic Abbott