MEN'S Merino Blend Short Sleeve Jersey

A perfect combination of merino wool and poly to stay dry, odor resistant and comfortable as ever.


Merino Blend Jersey


Merino Blend Jersey

You remember. Itchy, thick, sweat-inducing wool — the last thing you’d want to be wearing out on the trail. Glad those days are over. Wool has a come a long way since then. Our Merino blend jersey combines soft Merino wool for next-to-skin comfort with durable polyester for the ideal mix of wicking abilities, breathability, and longevity — not to mention odor reduction. Wear it over and over again and watch your itchy, uncomfortable memories of wool fade off into the distance.

  • Italian blend fabric keeps a soft Merino wool blend against your skin and polyester on the outside for ideal wicking, breathability, and durability

  • Zippered chest pocket

  • Comfortable, laid-back t-shirt styling

  • Sizes S–XXL